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Andrew Meade

March - 2017

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It is with great pleasure that the Night Warehouse Management Team recognizes Andrew Meade as Employee of the Month. Andrew started working for Willow Run Foods in June of 2013 as a Loader. From the beginning, we knew Andrew was going to be a star. Within a couple weeks of starting, he was already loading his own trucks without a trainer and mastering his craft. His attention to detail quickly made him one of the best. Over the past couple years, Andrew has really become a valuable member of our team. When we need him the most, he will give up one of his days off to make sure we have enough help getting trucks loaded. He has trained several loaders who have gone on to be successful. He teaches them to put themselves in the driver’s shoes and to “load like they have to unload it”. Andrew has also personally worked with several drivers to see what he can do to help them make some of the more difficult trucks easier to unload. Most of those drivers request that Andrew is the only guy that loads their truck. Andrew is someone we can really count on. He shows up to work every day, on time and ready to get started. Andrew loves his job and pushes himself to be the best. For this reason, Andrew is one of the top loaders every week for both cases loaded and lowest error rate. He is a great role model for other employees to follow. Congratulations Andrew and thank you for your hard work and dedication! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Nominated By: Eric Zollbrecht

Date: 03/01/17

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