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Online Ordering

Willow Run Foods offers the following for online ordering:


With Pegasus, you connect to our web server using a standard web browser to place your order. View your order history, place orders, maintain order guides, view account status, and create usage reports from within a web browser. Click here to login to Pegasus Online Ordering.

Benefits to internet ordering:

  • Create, modify, and sort your weekly orders
  • Receive confirmations by email including item level detail with estimated dollar value of the order
  • Search for products by item number or description
  • Review your account status and history
  • Print out statement of your account
  • Build your own order guide to display only the items you order most frequently
  • Add or delete items from your order guide
  • Print your order guide on demand
  • Export data directly to your PC, then analyze it with Excel
  • Print out usage reports by item or category


To connect to our site you need a personal computer with internet access. The computer needs a modern browser; Current Versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.

To activate your internet ordering account, please complete the online Account Activation Form

FTP Ordering

With FTP ordering, you enter your order using your existing software. An order file is transferred to our FTP server and processed, and an order confirmation is created. An up-to-date order guide is provided regularly for import into your system.

Benefits of FTP Ordering:

  • Seamless interface with your existing software.
  • Keep order guide up-to-date.
  • Receive timely confirmations that your orders are received.
  • Inter-operates with any type of system.

Consult your system provider to determine if FTP ordering can be made available.

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