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Stephen Butler

February - 2019

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The Night Warehouse management team would like to nominate Stephen Butler for employee of the month. Stephen started in November of 2013 as a truck checker. When we implemented the new warehouse management system, we no longer needed as many truck checkers. We started asking our team of checkers to try something new and Stephen was quick to volunteer. Over the past few years, Stephen has done everything. He has picked in every area of the warehouse and is now considered a loader. Stephen is one of those loaders who the drivers request to be their permanent loader. He takes time to make sure he is doing everything he can to help make the driver’s job easier. He takes pride in his work and is more than happy to load difficult trucks. He is unselfish and understands what a big help it is to load the harder trucks. Even though Stephen is considered a loader, he is more of a nomad. We move him from area to area depending on where our biggest needs are. He never complains and does what is asked with a smile. Stephen is the type of person who doesn’t look for attention or for recognition. He doesn’t think that he is doing anything more than his job. We want Stephen to know that we see him and we appreciate everything he does.

Nominated By: Eric Zollbrecht

Date: 02/01/19

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