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Jason Green

October - 2020

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Jason joined the IS Department in November of 2018, after starting in the Yard. He got up to speed quickly, and has been invaluable as our Weekend Computer Operator, as well as Daytime Computer Operator. He has a willingness to adapt and take on any tasks he is given. On multiple occasions, he has stepped in to take on different shifts, so that we have proper coverage. He has done this on short notice, many times having left his regular shift early, so that he could come back several hours later to work the night shift. In addition, he has altered his schedule for long term stints as the Evening Operator. He does this willingly, knowing that he is doing what needs to be done for the good of the company. He is able to balance his often chaotic work schedule, with a long-term position as part of the Great Bend Hose Company, where he gives his time to serve his community. We are very glad Jason is on our team and want to recognize his dedication to the Willow Run family.

Nominated By: Francine Spicer and Doug Griffis

Date: 10/02/20

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