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Cody Okrepki

January - 2018

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On behalf of the Night Warehouse Management team we would like to award Cody Okrepki Employee of the Month. Cody has been a loader since April of 2014. Since the day he started, Cody’s effort and attitude have been phenomenal. Cody loves his job and it shows through his quality of work. Cody is constantly one of the top two or three loaders every week. He is not afraid to load the more difficult trucks because he likes to be challenged. He takes a lot of pride in his work. Cody’s driver satisfaction is excellent. Cody loads every truck as if he has to unload it himself. He always communicates with drivers and asks them if he can do anything differently to help them. Drivers are constantly stopping by the office to commend Cody and ask if he can be their permanent loader. Cody’s work ethics and willingness to do anything that is asked of him make him an invaluable member of our crew. His attendance has been perfect and he is always here early and ready to start his shift. He is a role model for other employees and it is a pleasure to have him on our team. We would like to thank him for his extraordinary efforts and let him know that we appreciate everything he does!

Nominated By: Eric Z & Night Warehouse Mgmt Team

Date: 01/03/18

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