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Scott Ballas

January - 2022

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It is with great honor that we award Scott Ballas as Employee of the Month for January 2022. Scott Ballas started working for Willow Run in December of 2008 as a Cooler Picker and it didn’t take long to realize just how valuable Scott was. Scott would always go the extra mile to help train new employees along with keeping an eye on date sensitive items such as frosty, beef, and produce items to make sure they were rotated and shipped out properly. During the next several years, Scott was eager to learn and take on other tasks in the dry, freezer, and loading areas whenever they were shorthanded. In July of 2015, a position opened in the Produce Department and Scott seemed like a perfect fit. His attention to detail, excellent attendance, knowledge of the product, and ability to work well with all departments made him an easy choice for the role of Produce Specialist. While training him, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly he learned quality inspection, receiving, and rotation of our fresh produce items. Just like his previous years with the shipping crew, he quickly learned how to receive in all other areas of the warehouse and help wherever needed. He was also happy to learn how to order product, manage the inventory, and work closely with our suppliers to make sure everything runs smoothly in my absence. Scott has also worked very closely with the IT department during the implementation of the WMS program for receiving and letdowns providing vital feedback which was used to make the program more efficient and user friendly. When the operating system and computer equipment was upgraded from Windows to Android, Scott was once again called upon to test out the new scanning equipment and software and he did so without hesitation. During the past year, Scott was again instrumental in helping out the shipping and receiving crews with order selection, large customer pickup orders, and transfer loads while they were extremely shorthanded due to labor issues caused by the pandemic. In addition to all this, he has also been very helpful in filling in for Chris Hamlin occasionally over the last few years in the receiving office. For these reasons and many more, the Warehouse Management Team would like to thank Scott for his extra efforts over the last 13 years and award him with Employee of the Month.

Nominated By: Dan Dupree

Date: 01/01/22

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