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Monica Manzer

February - 2021

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Monica Manzer was hired April 2020 as a rideshare driver. She immediately caught on to her job responsibilities and it was evident she took her job seriously. As soon as she was working on her own, she was offering her days off to help cover any gaps in the schedule, or vacations for other rideshare drivers. Every Friday on her day off, including Christmas, she volunteers to work. She always does everything in her power to try to get the employees here on time as best as she can, despite any obstacles she may encounter. We cannot thank her enough for the great job she did during the December snowstorm. To prevent employees from missing a day of work due to not being able to get out of their driveways, we offered to get them picked up by rideshare. Monica was the day rideshare driver that day and she ran non-stop. Without barely a 5minute break, she worked several hours over her already long day. She got stuck on un-plowed streets multiple times, but she safely worked herself out of every single situation without incident, and without having to get towed out. She made it through the long day with ease and never complained once! Monica always has a wonderful attitude and wants to do everything she can to make sure our operations run as smooth as possible. Congratulations Monica on earning Employee of the Month for February! CONGRATULATIONS!

Nominated By: Krista Dickerson & Dispatch

Date: 02/01/21

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