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The growth and development of Willow Run Foods is truly an amazing story. Beginning over fifty years ago as a small egg delivery business, the company has grown steadily over the years, evolving into a successful employee owned corporation specializing in customized distribution for regional and national chains throughout the Northeast.

Willow Run Foods serves customers covering fourteen states from one centralized state-of-the-art distribution center. At approximately 280,000 square feet, the facility was designed to handle our customers storage and distribution requirements while allowing for future growth.

Willow Run’s thriving expansion can be directly attributed to dedicated, hard working and conscientious employee owners and our loyal and very successful customers. The company is committed to the continuing focus of all its energy and resources into developing and promoting further growth and improvements in our market segment.

It is the sincere desire of Willow Run Foods to move into the 21st century with enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to all of our people and our customer partners. We are confident that our emphasis on expanding and improving information services and technology for supply management will reduce our costs and result in expanded business, improved service levels and
strengthened customer relationships. Working together I am sure all of us can achieve unlimited
success and continuing prosperity in the years to come.

Terry Wood,

President and CEO of Willow Run Foods

An employee owned company since 1989, Success through Customer Satisfaction!