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Stephanie Howard

October - 2018

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Stephanie started her career at Willow Run Foods in May of 2016. She was hired in Human Resources as a HR Specialist to perform a variety of tasks. Immediately, Stephanie showed us how conscientious and meticulous she is. Whenever Stephanie is assigned a task or project, she takes full responsibility for it. She took on the monthly Willow Run Foods newsletter and has put her personality into it. It is always colorful and full of relevant graphics. Stephanie is responsible for stuffing and distributing payroll checks. There have been several occasions when we have received paychecks late due to weather or other situations experienced by UPS. Stephanie is always able to make sure that everything is ready by the time the employees start lining up for their paychecks. If she has an appointment, Stephanie does not rely on others to complete the job. She makes arrangements to stay late so that she can complete any work that needs to be done in a timely manner. Every quarter, Stephanie takes it upon herself to find out when the Board Meetings are so that we can make sure we have a Receptionist available at 7:30 that morning. She also finds out when the Driver Safety Meetings are so that we have appropriate coverage for the early morning meetings. She has taken personal responsibility for making sure that the current Receptionist knows what is expected of her. Stephanie missed her calling as a detective. She is responsible for doing background checks on any prospective applicants. This can be daunting especially when someone has a common name like John Smith. She prowls through various websites and facebook to find out as much as possible about the candidate so that we can make an educated decision on whether or not it is an applicant we would like to pursue. Stephanie is invaluable in this aspect of her job. She knows what the company is looking for and weeds out those who do not meet our requirements. Stephanie is the back up Receptionist. She is always very pleasant and helpful on the phone and with visitors. What I value most about Stephanie is her work ethic. If Stephanie is given a task, I never have to remind her about it or worry that she won’t get it done. I can be confident that Stephanie will complete it accurately, timely and consistently even if it’s something that is done only once per year. One example of this is the United Way campaign that Stephanie runs each year. She interacts with all departments and insures that we have all of the pledges back to submit on time. In the near future, Willow Run will have an application that our employees can access on their phones to request transportation through our RideShare program. Because Stephanie is so meticulous and organized, she has been chosen to schedule our RideShare drivers. I am confident that the new program will run smoothly with Stephanie’s direction. For these reasons, I believe that Stephanie deserves to be recognized as our Employee of the Month for October. CONGRATULATIONS!

Nominated By: Carol Wallis

Date: 10/03/18

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