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Gary Smith

July - 2021

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Gary Smith started working for Willow Run in June of 2016 as a 3rd Shift Maintenance employee. Gary worked on 3rd shift for about 4 years before switching to second shift as a Forklift Operator doing let downs. Gary has been a hardworking and dedicated employee since the day he started. He is willing to help anyone who needs him no matter how difficult the task. He stays late to help other departments finish even though in most cases he already worked a long shift. Gary’s attitude is awesome, and he loves his job. He treats everyone with respect and is always smiling. It is nice to be around people who never complain and just deal with any issues that are in front of them. Gary changes his schedule often to help cover shifts and has never said no when asked. Gary is a big part of our team, and we would like to recognize him for his excellent attitude, hard work and dedication by awarding him Employee of the Month! CONGRATULATIONS!

Nominated By: The Shipping Management Team

Date: 07/02/21

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