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Connor Whiting

January - 2019

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Connor started work in the Transportation department on Sept 17, 2017 as an assistant to the backhaul coordinator. He caught on very quickly and by Feb 15, 2018 he was elevated to backhaul supervisor. Connor’s communication skills are excellent. He is calm under pressure and responds quickly to requests for information or when problems arise throughout the day. He interacts well with the purchasing department – he understands the importance of our purchase orders being picked-up on time and in full, and makes sure that the buyers are advised of any changes that occur on the backhauls. When last-minute rescheduling of a PO is unavoidable, he has a good grasp on alternative routes which can work for both transportation and purchasing so there is no break in service for the customers. When trucks are over-weight Connor finds other routes to put stores on, takes care of changing the keys, and contacts the drivers involved to let them know of the changes. He also coordinates the non-Willow Run customer backhauls, and those companies really enjoy working with Connor because he always makes them feel like important customers. Ever since Saputo has become such a big part of our business, Connor has begun learning everything to do with Saputo’s scheduling program so he is prepared to back up Heather as necessary. Connor is very accommodating to our driver situation. He works extremely well with Steve Z and Mike C as they all try to balance servicing our customers properly with being considerate of the driver’s needs. For these reasons and more Connor Whiting is well deserving of being recognized as Employee of the Month. CONGRATULATIONS!

Nominated By: Rich Koffs

Date: 01/03/19

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