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April - 2021

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The Transportation Department is honored to recognize Wasantha Disanayaka-Mudiyanselage as the Employee of the Month for April. Wasantha’s backstory on how he joined Willow Run Foods is unique. He was previously working as a manager at a Popeyes restaurant in Connecticut. During this time, he built up a rapport with our delivery driver. Over time, Wasantha learned about all the perks that comes along with becoming a professional driver at Willow Run and eventually joined the training program in June of 2019 and earned his CDL-A a few months later in November. Wasantha is assigned two Wendys routes- Route 335 to Albany and Route 619 to New Jersey. Over the past year of piloting these routes, Wasantha has built up a great relationship with his customers. He is always professional and never lets a difficult situation deter his positive attitude. During this time, Wasantha has delivered over 177,000 cases and has been on time with his deliveries 95% of the time. To go along with these impressive numbers, Wasantha has had perfect attendance since he was hired nearly two years ago. Wasantha will routinely volunteer for extra work. Every other week, he will pick up an extra overflow, city truck, or shutdown route on his normally scheduled days off. On top of all the aforementioned hard work, the one trait that trumps the rest about Wasantha is his kindness. Upon return from every trip, he always has a smile on his face and is courteous towards the entire staff. We would like to thank Wasantha for the professionalism he has shown, both on and off the road, over the past two years with his recognition as our Employee of the Month.

Nominated By: Michael Cacialli and Steve Zelenyak

Date: 04/02/21

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