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Nikole Youmans

May - 2019

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Nikole became a regular Willow Run employee in December 2015. It’s hard to believe she’s only been here three years. Watching and working with her you would think she has been here for ten! Back in September/October 2015 we were in need of a CSR. We were having a difficult time finding any applicants worth hiring. That’s when I received a phone call from Eric (Zollbrecht). He told me his niece had applied for the CSR position. I’ll admit I was skeptical seeing how young Nikole was but when the applicant is recommended by one of our best employees I knew I had to take the chance. Well, I am extremely glad I did. Nikole is friendly, smart, reliable, dedicated and very funny (remind you of anyone?). Nikole has become my “go to” rep on Saturdays. If there is an issue with any truck or any concept I can rely on Nikole to either handle it or guide the other reps so that they can learn to handle the issues in the correct manner. My other CSR’s will attest to the fact that Nikole is there to help with orders anytime she’s needed. She can fly through the web orders and not miss an error. She quickly picked up on our procedures and policies and has a great rapport with her customers. They know (just as the department knows) they can count on Nikole to take care of them whether with a product issue, a delivery issue or her favorite, key issues! Through all the problems Nikole might encounter she continues to maintain her great sense of humor and keeps us all laughing either with work stories or her never ending hysterical family stories. For all of these reasons we would like to award Nikole with our May Willow Run EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH!

Nominated By: Lynn Lasky

Date: 04/30/19

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