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Dylan Elliott

January - 2021

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DYLAN ELLIOTT Dylan Elliott started working for Willow Run Foods in May of 2020 as a dry selector. Right from the start, we knew Dylan was going to be great. He learned quickly and soon mastered the order picking process. His accuracy was great, and his speed was increasing every week. Within his first month, we were severely understaffed in the freezer and we were struggling to find people who would be willing to transfer into that department. Although Dylan seemed happy in the dry, I figured it was worth a shot. I called him into the office and asked him “what do you think about the cold?”. He laughed as I am sure he knew what I was about to ask. He said “sure, I will give it a shot”. It has worked out nicely since. Dylan is well respected by his coworkers and supervisors alike. He has an awesome attitude, perfect attendance, and is willing to work whatever schedule he is asked. He transfers departments to help cover shortages and does not complain when he is given a less than desirable task. Dylan really is a pleasure to have on our team and I am always asking him if he has any friends like him that need a job. Congratulations Dylan and thank you for all of you hard work and dedication! CONGRATULATIONS!

Nominated By: Eric Zollbrecht

Date: 01/07/21

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