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Jordan Blanton

June - 2019

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The Transportation Department is more than honored to award Jordan Blanton as the Employee of the Month for June. Jordan entered the driver training program in May of 2018. During training, we quickly recognized that Jordan was going to be a great fit with Willow Run through his work ethic and knowledge of the industry. When he earned his CDL A three months later in August, we realized that our initial thoughts about Jordan were correct. It is often said that “adversity does not build character, it reveals it” and Jordan has proven these words to be true over the past few months. Jordan is assigned three New York City Wendy’s runs, Routes 199, 399, and 599. Recently, we have had a few obstacles to overcome with a couple NYC routes. Jordan immediately stepped up to the plate to help and to ease the burden for the department. Whether it is covering an unfamiliar route, working on his normal days off, or taking a different co-driver on his routes, Jordan always embraces the challenge with a company over self-demeanor – characteristics that embody a dedicated employee owner. Since the beginning of the year, Jordan has delivered over 79,000 cases on 63 routes with 57 of them resulting in perfect trucks. As mentioned before, Jordan does not shy away from extra work as evidenced by his ten extra routes he has done over the past 5 months. He also has nearly perfect attendance, shows up to dispatch ahead of schedule, and always produces perfect paperwork. Simply put, Jordan is a joy to work with and is more than worthy as our selection for Employee of the Month. Submitted by: Steve Zelanyak and Mike Cacialli CONGRATULATIONS!

Nominated By: Steve Zelanyak and Mike Cacialli

Date: 06/04/19

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