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Kali Myers

November - 2020

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I would like to take the opportunity to recognize Kali Myers as Employee of the Month for November. During these past three months in transportation, I have come to recognize her work ethic and teamwork is second to none. Kali not only handles her own business with establishing backhauls and assisting drivers, but she also covers both Rose Kuhnel and Heather Trotter as their back up when they are not here. Furthermore, she assists in all aspects of the business to ensure the success of Willow Run Foods. Kali stays late to assist others with contacting drivers and stores after routes have been adjusted and often gets contacted days, nights, and weekends to provide detailed information on loads and correct any issues that may arise. She has endured the constant stress of maintaining our backhauls to set appointments and maximize earnings despite continued driver shortages. It is for these reasons and more that Kali should be recognized as Employee of the Month for November.

Nominated By: Jason Krise

Date: 11/02/20

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