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About Us

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Company Name

Willow Run Foods, Inc.

Type of Business

Casual Dining and Fast Food Systems Distributor


Terry Wood


Kirkwood, NY

Annual Sales

Approximately $500 Million

Service Area

Willow Run Foods services customers across 14 states. Northeast and Mid Atlantic Regions, including the states of Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and the District of Columbia


For Our Customers

To exceed expectations every day with dependable, on time deliveries and service which stresses courtesy, respect, integrity, and commitment. To develop the partner-like relationships beneficial to all, and to understand the importance of earning trust every day by displaying a sense of urgency and by instilling the feeling that we can always be counted on to respond to our customers' needs.

For Our Employee Owners

To earn a reasonable profit necessary for the long term growth of our company and to maintain a safe and secure work environment for all. To hire the best people, provide the best training and support, listen to everyone's ideas and to emphasize a productive, professional, fair and enjoyable atmosphere, guaranteeing that everyone feels pleased and proud to be part of Willow Run Foods.

An employee owned company since 1989, Success through Customer Satisfaction!