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Herb Bidwell

July - 2017

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Herb Bidwell has been with Willow Run Foods for 15 years. He started as a licensed driver in July of 2002. In 2007, Herb became one of our driver trainers and then in 2015, Herb came off the road to take a new position in Human Resources/Safety as our Remedial Driver Trainer. In this role, Herb contacts each driver who has an incident by telephone to get details and provide assistance if needed. Herb’s primary job is also to conduct a remedial training session with each driver who incurs a preventable incident. Herb spends a day with the driver to drill down on the details, assess any issues and provide guidance and training to help prevent future incidents. This position was a new position created in Human Resources and Herb built it from the ground up. Herb has helped quite a few drivers improve their skills and helped them to recognize areas in which to focus to be a better driver. We receive a lot of positive feedback and Herb takes great pride in helping a driver improve his skills and maximize his potential. Herb is also excellent at articulating and documenting the remedials he performs. He provides details regarding the incident, the driver’s explanation, corrective action, the remedial exercises that were performed and then provides an evaluation of the driver’s skills and potential for a repeat occurrence. Herb’s writing skills are impeccable. Herb has a number of other responsibilities. He conducts new driver road tests, helps with the new drivers’ week of Yard training and provides new Driver Trainer training. His experience as a driver and his knowledge of the company and the industry are invaluable in this position. In addition to providing training for the drivers, Herb also trains our new warehouse employees. He conducts orientations and certifies them on our forklifts, pallet jacks and other machinery. Herb was an integral part in reinstituting our Safe Driver Recognition program, identifying accident free drivers and selecting and procuring the hats, shirts and jackets that were awarded to our safe drivers. Even after Herb transferred to Human Resources, he continued to help in Transportation when he was needed. Herb covered several routes both this summer and last. He also covered many line haul routes. This clearly reflects Herb’s dedication to the company. As many of you know, Herb will be retiring in August. Many times, employees get a “short timers” attitude and bide their time doing the minimum necessary until the last day. Not Herb! Herb has been extremely busy preparing guidebooks and getting job duties and documents in order for his successor. Herb is proud of what he has accomplished. He wants to make sure that the new Remedial Trainer will have all the tools necessary to be successful and continue on with providing the orientations and excellent training that he has established. Herb has become an extremely valuable part of Human Resources and Safety. He will be sorely missed.

Nominated By: Carol Wallis

Date: 07/01/17

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