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Jake Prentice

July - 2018

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It is with great honor that the transportation department recognizes Jake Prentice as the Employee of the Month for July. For those of you unfamiliar with Jake, he can be best described as a hardworking, humble, and a reserved employee. In Jake’s case, the old saying “actions speak louder than words” could not be more spot on. He conducts himself in a professional manner on the road and with his customers. Jake is calm and collected, and always exercises good judgement in difficult situations. He has outstanding attendance, and regularly volunteers for extra work. Jake entered the driver training program in October of 2016 and earned his CDL in January of 2017. He is assigned Route 742, Arbys/Popeyes to Rochester, and Route 469, Wendys to Upstate New York. Jake volunteered to spearhead Route 742 when it was created in March and has been on time and accurate with the deliveries since its launch. Since the beginning of the quarter, Jake has volunteered to do 7 extra runs on his days off. Whether it be shut down routes, overflows, or linehauls, Jake has been as versatile as they come and takes great pride in being an employee-owner. During this time, Jake has completed 34 routes, 24 of them resulting in perfect trucks, and has been on time an astounding 96% of the time. On top of all of his hard work on the road, Jake is always in uniform, produces perfect paperwork and has no customer complaints. We can always count on Jake. For all of these reasons and many more…we proudly recognize Jake Prentice as our Employee of the Month. CONGRATULATIONS!

Nominated By: Steve Zelanyak and Mike Cacialli

Date: 07/06/18

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